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Why German Shepherds Are The Easiest Dogs To Train

It may seem like German Shepherd Dogs are the easiest dogs to train, but it’s not as simple as that. Sure, the German Shepherd has a lot going for it when it comes to training, but they are also very independent dogs and some can be extremely difficult to train, especially the walking on a leash part as they do like to pull.


The main reason people think German Shepherds are the easiest to train is because they usually see them alert and sitting by the side of a police officer.  However, they are a great candidate for  training thanks to their history, because they were originally bred to herd cattle. They are extremely alert, agile and more than willing to learn, and they do need constant stimulation or they can become a house wrecker.


Most German Shepherd Dogs are pretty easy to train, they are up there with the most intelligent dogs and most of them will learn a new trick within 30 repetitions.  If you’re going to own a GSD, you should start training as soon as you get him home, as a puppy, don’t wait. Start with basic training, and if you’re not planning on him being a working dog, think about advance obedient training, because he’ll need a lot of commands to remember just to keep his brain stimulated.


They are originally working dogs, and still are, you find them in the police force, search and rescue, army and even guide dogs. Yes they can be easy to train but training for any dog isn’t easy, you have to be patient, persistent and continue training throughout their whole life. Always be prepared to teach him something new, as he’s always willing to learn something new.


German Shepherd Dogs can learn over 300 commands, and their energy levels and intelligence means you’re not going to have  a couch potato. Keep him stimulated with plenty of training, enter obedience competitions, or at the least, take him on long walks and runs, he needs the exercise. If you can’t give a German Shepherd Dog plenty of exercise and training, don’t get one, get a lapdog.

New German Shepherd Series

Hello everyone,

Starting from next week I will be writing a series of articles about the German Shepherd Dog. These articles will include health problems that the breed is prone to, like hip dysplasia and things we can do to help improve the condition. Moreover, I will be discussing other health problems and treatments as well as training, bonding, grooming and other related topics.