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Dog Crates And Cages

When it comes to dog crates or cages, you want to buy the correct size for your breed of dog. Cages are not just for carrying or transporting your dog, but more importantly they are used for house training, and this method is referred to as crate training. Having said that, buying a cage that is too big for your breed will result in him sleeping at one end and using the other end as a bathroom, defeating the purpose of the training.

Small dogs especially do well with crate training, although just about every breed both large and small has had positive results, and quickly too, when using the crate training method. The idea of crate training is that a dog will not go to the bathroom where he sleeps, of course there will be accidents, but if you take him out before bedtime and again as soon as you wake up, he will pick it up in not time. Moreover, it won’t be long before he can go a full 7 hours or more before needing to go, because their metabolism slows when they sleep.

One should only use positive training methods when crate training, allow you dog to become used to the crate in his own time, slowly at first, maybe put a favorite toy in the cage and a favorite blanket. Don’t put him in the cage and walk away the first time, stay in the room with him and leave the cage door open until he gets used to it being his area or den. Moreover, you can slowly increase the time you leave him in the cage until he is completely comfortable with it.

Whatever type of cage you go for, be sure that there is enough room inside for him to stand, turn around and lay down, but not so big that he has a big empty space at one end. Smaller dogs will need smaller cages and large breeds may need several cages during their growing stages. Never put a dog in a cage with a collar on, because this can become a choking hazard.

The Prong Collar

The prong collar has had a fair share of publicity and reviews, some good and some bad. Having two German Shepherd Dogs of my own, I had the problem of them both wanting to pull my arm off when taking them for walks. I tried using positive training methods using treats to teach them the heal command but with no success, they were just too hyper and wanted to go everywhere except the direction I wanted them to go.

I searched youtube for some help on getting my dogs to walk along side of me, and came across one or two promoting the prong collar. I didn’t like the look of it and have heard that it is not a good product, but watching some videos I couldn’t believe this thing works as well as the video showed. At this point I also want to say that this product could be misused, and that is the worry of many comments on some of the videos I watched.

I decided to purchase one of these prong collars, and opted to go for the best one out there, which is german made I believe. Having said that, I thought I would give it a try and if I still didn’t like the idea then I could get a refund and send the thing back. Once it arrived I read the instructions carefully, many times so I wouldn’t get anything wrong, because it does actually look like an ancient torture device.

Once putting on one of my GSD’s I could not believe the results, my first dog was walking next to me within two minutes, and the collar didn’t bother him at all. It seems to work by the fact that the prong gently apply pressure if he pulls and stops, he doesn’t keep pulling because he would get hurt and he realizes this, so he just walks to however close you hold the leash. I decided to try it on my second GSD and again, to my surprise, he was walking by my side on the first attempt, amazing.

This is probably the first product that I’ve bought that actually does what its supposed to do. I don’t recommend this product unless you have a dog that you cannot get to heal trying all the other tested training methods. It does work, at least I’ve seen it work on many videos, and it worked excellent on my two dogs, but like I said, if not used correctly it can be abused or misused.

I am not sponsored by the makers or manufacturers of this product, it is just something I decided to try and so I thought I would share my findings. I will put a link up later to where you can buy one of these if you feel you need to try it out for yourself. It is a great product that, if used correctly, does exactly what it is supposed to do, but please try other methods first, and it is definitely not recommended for smaller dogs.