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Things You Need Before Buying A Puppy.


When the time has come and you have decided to buy your first puppy, there is a lot to consider, for instance, what type of dog will you get? Will it be a large breed or a small breed? Once you decide on what type of dog you will get, you will want to be prepared before you purchase your new puppy.

Being prepared ahead of time is always wise, and more so with a new puppy coming into the home, so what kind of things will you need to buy before going to pick up your new best friend? Let us look at the different things to consider buying before he comes home.

A good, comfortable bed for him to sleep on is a must, because he will need a spot in the home he can call his own.  Moreover, buying puppy food in bulk can be a good idea and often cheaper buying a large bag than smaller bags, although this depends on the size of the breed, larger bags usually work better as the dog gets older.  For puppies, always buy a good puppy food, but remember to switch to adult food once he has grown.

One also needs to get a good leash and collar, with a name tag so he can be identified if he wanders off.  Food and water bowls are important too, but stay away from plastic bowls because many have harmful chemicals in them.  Ceramic or metal food and water bowls are safest.

Toys are always an important part of a dogs life, because they need something to play with, and to chew on because you don’t want them chewing up your furniture, and they will chew, especially during teething.  Dental sticks can be a great way to keep their teeth in tip top shape, and have plenty of treats on hand for training.

Finally, be prepared to research the breed you’re looking for, because a large breed will need plenty of room. Moreover, be prepared if you are getting a breed that sheds a lot, or if you are going for a breed that sheds much less due to allergies. My two German Shepherd Dogs shed constantly, even though they say twice a year, they really do constantly shed, so we had to buy a good vacuum, lol.


If you are going to crate train be sure to purchase a cage that is not too big or too small, because this can be counter productive if the cage isn’t the right size for the dog.  Your dog should be able to stand up, turn around, and lay down in the cage, but having a cage too large can often result in him sleeping at one end and going to the bathroom at the other.

The Importance Of Taking A Shelter Dog


For my first post here at the megasite I wanted to talk about the importance of getting a dog from a shelter.  Shelters are often full with both dogs and cats, and it’s a shame that so many good pets are killed because they can’t find a good home, it’s also unnecessary.

Many people looking for a family pet often go to expensive breeders and do not even consider a shelter dog. This is ok if you are looking for a show dog but for a family pet, a shelter is an excellent place to start looking. There are many different breeds of dog and cat at your local shelter, and it is inexpensive, compared to buying from a breeder.

Moreover, checking out the local shelters in your area will also give you a chance of saving a dogs life, or a cats life. Having said that, your new pet will automatically have its inoculations and be neutered or spayed, preventing more unwanted cats and dogs. Shelters almost always have a qualified vet that will give you sound advice and answer any questions you may have.

Finally, if you’re thinking of getting a dog or cat for the first time, please consider visiting your local shelter first. Moreover, even if they don’t have the pet you are looking for, you can give them your details and explain what you are looking for and they will often give you a call when they get what you want. It makes so much more sense to adopt an unwanted pet than to spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on a pure bred breeder when you may just be able to get exactly what you’re looking for locally and for a fraction of the cost.