Welcome To The Megasite Pet Blog

Welcome to The Megasite Pet Blog,

This is a new blog which has been started to allow me to write some of my own articles relating to dogs, and other types of pets.  I do write pet articles for other blogs and websites, so it only seems right to start one of my own, especially seeing as I own two one year old German Shepherd Dogs.

There will be many articles written here that will be informative, educational and interesting, and I will always take requests if you want me to write about a specific topic regarding pets.  Some articles will be about health conditions, training, well-being, diet and more.

If you wish to submit a topic, or have a question regarding your pet, feel free to contact me at : admin@themegasite.net with “pet topic” in your heading. I will strive to get your question answered, or subject posted within 3 days.

I’m just starting out here but there will be articles posted and questions answered on a regular basis so please bookmark the site so you can get updated as new articles are posted, thank you



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